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Electrify Marin Rebate Program

In an effort to save money and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions to the environment, Marin County, California has created Electrify Marin, a natural gas replacement rebate program. If you purchase a qualifying electric-powered appliance and have it professionally installed in your home, Marin County is offering rebates ranging from $250 to $1,000, or up to $4,500 for income-eligible households. This could prove to be significant savings on both the cost of upgrading your home and on your energy bills every month, making the investment even more appealing! Learn more about this high-efficiency electric home rebate program below, or give us a call to explain everything in detail!

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Electrify Marin: Appliance Rebates in California

Whether you’re looking to replace a broken water heater or get rid of that clunky old stovetop, the Electrify Marin program makes it possible for even greater savings than before!

Natural Gas Appliance Rebate Program

The Electrify Marin program is quite simple: purchase a qualifying replacement appliance (including professional installation if required), and submit the rebate application that you can download online. Depending on the value of the appliance installed, you could receive a rebate between $250 and $1,000! Here are just a few examples of standard rebate values:

  • Gas Cooktop Rebate: $250
  • Gas Range Rebate: $500
  • Electrical service panel rebate: $500
  • Mini-split heat pump rebate: $800
  • Central heat pump rebate: $1,000
  • Heat pump water heater rebate: $1,000

However, some people may be concerned that they don’t have the money available in order to complete this appliance upgrade. After all, a qualifying appliance may prove to be a substantial investment for some. Induction cooktops and heat pump water heaters are both cutting-edge technology, and as such, they tend to come with price tags that can be a rather large burden. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you may qualify for an income exemption, and this means your rebate will be even larger.

Heat Pump Rebates in California

  • Water Heater Heat Pump Rebates: Water heaters that use heat pump technology to move heat from the atmosphere into your water. These are fully-electric water heaters that do not use gas as a heat source. Electric heat pump water heaters are far more efficient than their traditional electric resistance predecessors, often using less than half of the energy to create the same amount of hot water. All water heaters must meet NEEA’s Tier 3 Advanced Water Heater specifications and have a uniform energy factor of 3.0 or higher.
  • Space Heater Heat Pump Rebates: Gas furnaces are a huge natural gas consumer, possibly even the biggest one in your home. Heat pump space heaters provide you with incredible heating and cooling power in one easy-to-use package. There are central heat pump options for heating and cooling your entire home as well as ductless and mini-split options for homes without air ducts installed. All qualifying units must be AHRI certified and have a SEER of 16.0 or greater along with an HSPF of 8.5 or greater. Central HVAC systems must also have both the condenser and the air handler installed at the same time.

What Other Appliances Qualify?

  • Ranges/cooktops: Gas ovens and cooktops use a ton of natural gas, meaning a lot of natural gas emissions. Induction cooking systems transfer heat from an electromagnetic coil directly to iron cookware, leading to faster cooking times, better temperature control, and a reduced risk of burning. Qualifying ranges may not be dual-fuel (electric stove/gas oven). Cooktops must also be entirely induction.
  • Service panels: Any panel installations must replace the home’s main electrical service panel and must be installed according to all relevant authorities. This includes the California Electrical Code, Article 230, and PG&E’s rules and regulations for electrical service panels.



More Questions About California Gas Rebates?

Stay in the know with John Owens! We are YOUR resource for California Gas rebates, together we can save you money AND save the environment at the same time. Give us a call and we can help you pick out the best rebate for your home!

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