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If you have discovered a clog in your drain that might possibly be due to root intrusion, you may be wondering what to do next. Hiring a professional rooter company is important for getting the job done correctly and accurately, but there are many different rooter companies out there. How can you be sure you are choosing the best one for the specific service you need?

This can be an overwhelming choice since there are endless plumbing companies in every area that offer rooter services. In this article, we will act as your rooter selection guide. We will offer advice on selecting a reliable rooter service, including what credentials, customer feedback, type of rooter service, and pricing to consider when searching for the best rooter service.


One of the most essential things to look into when choosing a rooter service is how reputable they are. This includes a combination of things, such as how good their reviews are and what their word-of-mouth reputation is like. How long has the company been providing the service you are looking for? Do they guarantee the work?These are what will tell how professional a company really is compared with what their advertising claims.

You can look at places like a plumbing and rooter company’s Google business profile to see reviews, as well as Facebook, Better Business Bureau, and Yelp. These are sites where people will leave a review after having a service experience with the company, so you can get an idea of how the company works and how people are rating their service. It is also always a good idea to ask friends and neighbors about companies they recommend. While reviews can be helpful, hearing from real people that you know personally will most likely be a better bet since you can trust their honesty and their advice.


It is important to make sure that a rooter company presents itself in a professional way. Go over their website and make sure everything looks legitimate. A professional company should have marked and fully-stocked vehicles, as well as company uniforms or clothes with the business name on them. A reliable rooter service should carry insurance as well. This means you will be protected in case an accident happens during the job, such as one of the technicians getting injured or damage being done to your house.

It is important that a rooter company has the proper licenses and credentials as well. Getting a plumbing license means going through multiple levels of in-depth training in order to be qualified to handle the advanced equipment they use. Hiring a licensed plumber means you can be assured that a true professional who has advanced knowledge of the field is working in your home and is very familiar with the tools and techniques they are working with. Their licenses should be listed on their website.

Professional rooter companies should also offer warranties. A warranty indicates a company truly stands behind their work and truly aims to fix your drain problem rather than just make a profit. A warranty from a plumbing company will typically be a one-year guarantee.

Estimates and Pricing

A professional rooter company should be able to provide accurate and honest estimates once they have a look at the scope of the job and get a general idea about how much the materials, time, and labor will cost. It is usually a good idea to get a couple of different estimates from different companies to compare. You will obviously want to go with one that is the most cost-effective for you, but beware of prices that seem to good to be true. Good and accurate plumbing work will cost a bit more, but it will last you a long time so that you do not have to continue to deal with the issue time and time again.

The company should also value your time and arrive within the specific time window that they promise. If a company cannot commit to a time frame to show up and fix your problem, this could be a red flag. You will want to call and confirm that a company has a time frame that works for you.

Available Services

Lastly, it is, of course, important to make sure a rooter company has the services you require. Check their website to see if they provide things you may need, like video inspections, root removal, hydrojetting, and drain and sewer repair and replacement. It is also a good idea to call and describe your situation and ask which services will be available to you with a company you are interested in, or even have a technician from the company come out to your home and do a brief inspection before giving an estimate. Even though a plumbing company may advertise as offering drain and rooter services, every house and job can be different and require certain services that a company may or may not provide.

Choosing a rooter plumber can be a difficult task, but hopefully, with the provided rooter service criteria, you will be able to find rooter service that is reliable and will work best for you. With the rooter service recommendations in this guide, you will be able to hopefully evaluate rooter professionals and know which rooter company qualities to look for in a reputable company. So long as you do your research by checking what people are saying about the company, how professional they seem from their online presence, and if the pricing and services match what you need, you should be able to eventually find the perfect rooter business for you.

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