Ideally, your home will smell fresh and clean with no unwanted odors that wrinkle your nose. If your home is smelling a little mustier than you would like, you may have an unexpected problem that you need to address before the odor becomes worse.

What Makes Your Home Smell Musty?

The majority of musty odors come from mold and mildew. In addition, you may notice unwelcome smells from cigarette smoke or even from your pets. Most musty odors come from your attic, but they may also be common in rooms where you frequently use water, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

What Does a Musty Smell Mean?

Musty smells may mean that you need to give your home a good cleaning. Cleaning your carpets and rugs and wiping down your walls and cabinets may get rid of tobacco and pet odors.

However, if the musty odors are the result of mold or mildew, they could reflect something more serious. Musty homes typically have poor ventilation along with high humidity levels. When mold is allowed to grow, it gives off smelly volatile organic compounds.

Your sump pump may not work correctly, allowing water into your crawlspace when it rains. This could lead to long-lasting and expensive problems if you do not address the odors soon.

What Can You Do About That Musty Smell?

Thankfully, bad odors can alert you to the need for a good cleaning and perhaps for professional services so that you can breathe easily once again. If your home is very humid, investing in a dehumidifier can help. If the smells are coming from wet or old upholstery or rugs, you may need to consider professional cleaning or possibly even furniture reupholstery.

Odors emanating from your HVAC or plumbing systems will require professional expertise. John Owens Services, Inc. can investigate the issue to find the best solution. To schedule an appointment, call .


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