The Strange Noises A Boiler Makes

Just like a toddler throws a tantrum when they’re upset, your boiler will too. Strange noises are its way of saying that something is wrong. In today’s blog, our experts are going to help you decipher the clunking, gurgling, whistling, and grinding sounds coming from your boiler.

Clunking and banging

This is also referred to as “kettling.” It occurs when there’s an overabundance of minerals, sediment, or limestone on the heat exchanger. As the debris builds up, it can produce steam and expand, which blocks proper water flow. If you begin to hear this, you should get your boiler checked out immediately. This can be dangerous as the water pressure builds inside the unit and it has nowhere to go. Newer models of boilers are equipped with safety measures, such as pressure relief valves that help minimize the chances of kettling.


Funnily enough, whistling could also be an indicator of kettling. The other explanation could be the result of trapped air within the unit. Fortunately, this problem isn’t as serious and can be solved just by releasing the air. If the whistling sounds persist, then it could be an indicator of loss of water pressure.

Bubbling and gurgling

Bubbling noises coming from your boiler can be harder to analyze because there are many possible causes. Some include trapped air, a blockage, sediment accumulation, or a frozen condensate pipe. With the last, you can thaw the pipe with hot water bottles and heating wraps but only if it’s easily accessible and at ground level.

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