Yesterday marked the first day of winter. Even though some areas may have already been feeling the effects of winter, it is now officially winter. The winters here in Northern California are cold and wet. It is a good idea to prepare your plumbing for the change in weather to prevent unnecessary plumbing problems.


Due to the heavy rains in Northern California the risk of having a sewer backup increases. The reason being is the leaves, dirt, and other debris gets swept into storm drains causing clogs. To reduce to risk of having sewer backup, it is a good idea to snake all drains, or have it done by a professional. Cleaning cutters and storm drains can help ensure that excess water gets directed where it needs to go.


One of the downfalls of heavy rain is that it saturates the ground. When the once firm ground gets completely saturated it makes for an unstable environment for your sewer pipes. Pipes can be susceptible to rupture as ricks, and roots shift in the soft, wet ground. Diverting the flow of excess water to storm drains can help. However, we also recommend having a thorough plumbing inspection before heavy rains set in. This can help identify any points of weakness, so repairs can be made ahead of time.


While freezing temperatures don’t afflict more of the State of California, there are some pockets where temperatures tend to drop, especially in Northern California. It is a good idea to prepare all exposed pipes with insulation, to help prevent water that is trapped inside from freezing. Frozen pipes pose a risk, because when water freezes, it expands which can cause damage to your pipes.  Vacant homes are more susceptible to frozen pipes. If you own a vacant piece of property is it a good idea to not only insulate your pipes, but turn off the water supply, and drain any excess water.


A properly sealed home helps prevent cold drafts from reaching your plumbing. It also helps your furnace operate more effectively and efficiently. Some common points of entry that can leak cold air are: attic spaces, crawl spaces, windows, door jams, and any points of entry for supply lines.

Keeping you and your family comfortable all winter long is a top priority for us here at John Owens Services. For more Northern California winter plumbing tips, or to schedule your service contact John Owens today!


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