Belvedere CA Furnace and Heater Repair

Plumbing, Furnaces, Radiant Heating in Belvedere, CA

Plumbing, Furnaces, Radiant Heating in Belvedere, CA

We repair, maintain, and install furnaces, radiant heating, boilers, water heaters, and all things plumbing in Belvedere, CA. John Owens Services has worked at Belvedere, California since 1988. We are a small efficient family run business providing exceptional services at fair prices. We have the best installation warranty in the business.

Furnace, Gas Heating Repair and Installation in Belvedere, CA

Our well-trained heating and air conditioning technicians diagnose, repair, and replace all makes and models of furnaces, wall heaters, gas heaters, and heating ducts at Belvedere, California. We provide seasonal maintenance and filter changes for furnaces and radiant heating in Belvedere. Our technicians are paid hourly, and there are no sales commissions for any services we provide. Our philosophy is to maintain, repair, and as a last resort replace equipment. We provide the best equipment warranty to our Belvedere, CA customers.

Trane furnace, American Standard furnace, Carrier furnace furnace, BDP furnace, Paine furnace, Bryant furnace, Day and Night furnace, Tempstar furnace, Comfortmaker furnace, Amana furnace, GE furnace, Goodman furnace, Westinghouse furnaceBelvedere Services

  • Furnace seasonal maintenance and safety check ups
  • Air filter replacement
  • Furnace repairs – all makes and models
  • Furnace installation – new construction – remodel – replacement
  • Air filtration and purification systems
  • Duct systems – inspection, repair, and replacement
  • Energy efficient furnace upgrades – to 97% efficient


Trane, American Standard, Carrier, BDP, Paine, Bryant, Day and Night, Tempstar, Comfortmaker, Amana, GE, Goodman, Westinghouse.

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace and heating systems should be trouble free, safe, and reliable. Continued efficient operation is a direct result of continued maintenance. Just like your car, regular scheduled maintenance will help prevent break downs, or catastrophic failures. There are three major components: the heat source or furnace, the controls, and the ductwork or distribution system. Any furnace could be a safety hazard, this especially true of furnaces over 15 years old. The internal heat exchanger (core of the furnace) can crack over time and often allows carbon monoxide into the heating air. Since 2010 carbon monoxide detectors are required on all floor levels of homes. Safety controls within the furnace are crucial for safe operation, the external control or thermostat can directly impact your winter gas bill. Air distribution ducting can be dirty, leaking, or become disconnected. Old leaking ducts on average leak 34% of the air into unheated wall, ceiling, or crawl spaces. Call John Owens Services 415 456 2906 to start a maintenance schedule.

heating and air conditioning technicians diagnose, repair, and replace all makes and models of furnaces, wall heaters, gas heaters, and heating ducts in Belvedere, California.Furnace Maintenance Checklist

  • Heat Exchanger – Inspected for cracks & deterioration
  • Heat exchangers can develop cracks with age. If they exist, there is a risk of serious illness from the toxic fumes emitted.
  • Burners – Removed & cleaned if necessary


Call the experts today at (415) 456-2906 for prompt furnace service and repair at a fair price in Belvedere.

For Belvedere heating and furnace service we offer friendly, prompt, qualified technicians.

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Located in Marin County, John Owens Services, Inc. has 30 years experience in licensed repair and replacement of boilers, radiant heating, HVAC, electrical, furnaces, plumbing, and is an authorized service provider of Rinnai products.