$67 Minimum Fee

We have a $67 nonrefundable minimum fee. For this we will send a Technician in a fully stocked truck to take a look at your problem. The $67 fee includes up to one half hour at your home diagnosing the problem. The technician will give you a firm written quote for any repairs before any work begins. Our Technicians come prepared to do the job. They are driving to your home with the intention of doing the work.

Many companies charge by the hour. Some have a minimum 1 hour or 1 ½ hour fee. These minimum fees can be $150 to $240. We believe our minimum fee to be reasonable for up to one half hour diagnosis time at your house.

Free Estimates – yes, we do free estimates. An obvious estimate is a customer asking for an estimate to replace their heating system. For these we send out an Estimator at no charge. For a Technician to evaluate the problems with your furnace, air conditioner, water heater, or drains they have to perform work.

Extended Diagnostics – some problems take a long time to diagnose. We may have to call Tech Support, we may have to call to research parts. Beyond one half hour of diagnosis we have reasonable extended charges.

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Located in Marin County, John Owens Services, Inc. has 30 years experience in licensed repair and replacement of boilers, radiant heating, HVAC, electrical, furnaces, plumbing, and is an authorized service provider of Rinnai products.





California Contractor Licensed and Insured

License # 501853    |     C36 Plumbing License    |     C4 Boiler / Radiant Heating License    |     C20 Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning License    |     C10 Electrical License    |     B General Contracting License